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Advice for a New Freelancer

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    Posted 05-18-2021 03:25 PM
    Good afternoon, all.

    I have recently been approached by a small non-profit that is interested in hiring me on to help with some freelance work, cleaning up their Raiser's Edge database, building some reports in NXT, and helping to design some new processes. I've been asked to provide a pay rate and estimate the number of hours it would take to accomplish the tasks, but I'm not exactly sure where to start.

    Since this type of side work is new to me, I'm curious if anyone who has been down this road would be willing to chat briefly with me to share tips, tricks, advice, or even warnings? If so, you can reach me off-list at

    Thank you, in advance, for being willing to mentor a newbie.

    Nate Laning
    Director of Advancement Services
    Trinity Christian College