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Seeking referrals for diaspora funding strategists/consultants

  • 1.  Seeking referrals for diaspora funding strategists/consultants

    Posted 10-26-2021 07:54 AM
    Hello aasp peeps!

    UNICEF USA's Global Cause Partners fundraising team seeks to enhance our existing diaspora funding strategy. It's a bit of a program/strategy consultation and a bit of prospecting/prioritizing (my team can help with that). We're looking for a consultant who knows the diaspora community well and the funding landscape. Has anyone in aasp ever worked with a consultant like this? Seeking referrals both for consultants you had good experiences with, but also places to advertise the RFP. We have a few orgs on our shortlist to post the RFP on including Apra, LinkedIn, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Foundation Center, AFP, AADO, etc. What are we missing? 

    RFP is below for reference to better articulate what we're seeking - or in case you might be interested!:



    UNICEF USA (UUSA) Global Cause Partnerships (GCP) has initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify qualified consultants (individuals or agencies) to support the organization in composing a list of prioritized Diaspora community prospects that have the highest potential and alignment to give to UUSA.


    Scope of work

    UUSA seeks further knowledge of and connections to Diaspora communities that could fund UUSA where we do not yet have established partnerships. The consultant will also have regular meetings to report on, receive feedback, and strategize with GCP fundraising and Prospect Intelligence colleagues. This project has four main components.

    • Assessing our current Diaspora groups to identify if the continued focus is recommended, where there are gaps, and where the most opportunity exists to pursue new partnerships
    • Advising on how to best approach new Diaspora communities (and identifying subtypes of Diaspora groups)
    • Recommending key connectors (individuals and events) to establish partnerships with new prospects
    • Prioritizing identified prospects and building strategies around potential opportunities

    The final deliverable on this project is a comprehensive, prioritized list of prospects as well as synopses that include the rationale for selection and suggested practical next steps to connect staff to these opportunities.



    We are seeking a consultant with the following qualifications. 

    • In-depth knowledge of and connection to Diaspora organizations and the associated funding landscape
    • Familiarity with the fundraising lifecycle and strategy development
    • Knowledge of international humanitarian programs
    • Ability to commit to a six-month project part-time


    Budget and timeline

    Our budget for the part-time consultant is up to $20,000. RFPs are due by Monday, November 15, 2021.


    For more information about this RFP, please contact Lindsey Nadeau, Managing Director, Prospect Development & Campaign Planning, at

    Lindsey Nadeau
    Senior Director