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Graduate Certificate Holders - Alumni?

  • 1.  Graduate Certificate Holders - Alumni?

    Posted 23 days ago
    I am curious, for those institutions that offer graduate certificates that require 15 or less credit hours, do you consider them Alumni? Do you have a separate constituency code?  For those that don't offer graduate certificates, do you require a minimum of completed credit hours to be counted as an alum/alum non-grad? Thanks for your input.

    Gail Jones

  • 2.  RE: Graduate Certificate Holders - Alumni?

    Posted 23 days ago
    The CASE Guidelines address this topic to an extent.  The answer is that this varies greatly from institution to institution.

    CASE does not offer a standard.  What CASE does state is that when looking alumni you must break them down into three categories:
    • Undergraduate degree holders
    • Graduate degree holders
    • Non-degree alumni
    This last category is all over the place as far as what it takes to include someone.  I think the only common factor is that the former student had to have left under positive circumstances - meaning that they were not kicked out of school.  Other than that, some institutions require successful completion of one semester.  Others, one class, Some require nothing more than one or a few credits.  The decision is really yours.  There are no national standards or even consistent definitions.

    Here is a quote from the CASE Guidelines (page 54):

    "Alumni without a degree or diploma:  An individual who completed only one semester or even one degree-credit course with passing grades may be included here.  Each institution determines how many semesters or earned credit hours qualifies an individual for this category.  However, do not include individuals who matriculated but did not complete the semester; those who enrolled in a special course that did not carry credit toward a degree, diploma, or certificate; or those who were asked to leave the institution without possibility of re-enrollment.  For purposes of the VSE, an alumnus without a degree or diploma is any individual who completed a course that could be counted toward a degree or certificate program."

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