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Internal Cryptocurrency Donation Management Processes

  • 1.  Internal Cryptocurrency Donation Management Processes

    Posted 07-19-2021 04:25 PM

    Good afternoon,


    I'm hoping to connect with someone at an organization that is accepting cryptocurrency donations in-house. We're looking to begin accepting donations this way, and I want to talk through our preliminary internal processes to see what may be missing or find out if, in practice, things worked out differently than you expected for similar processes. Mostly, this pertains differences between personal and organizational accounts on exchanges, making Advancement and Finance happy policy/ownership wise, and tactics for ensuring we capture donor information related to these donations.


    I'm happy to be convinced that going with a third party for management is preferable, but because I have experience dealing with exchanges for personal accounts, I think that the burden of handling this internally will be less than the cost of additional third-party fees.


    Please reach out to me directly if you are willing to talk through this process. I'm happy to post a follow-up down the line to share my thoughts on the process and how we moved forward in order to help anyone searching on this topic in the future.



    Keith Padgett
    Administrator of Advancement Services
    Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana