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gift processing staffing & volume

  • 1.  gift processing staffing & volume

    Posted 01-13-2022 01:00 PM


    I'm looking for information on general gift processing transaction volume and staffing size/structure ratios to inform our Foundation's strategic planning, which is inclusive of a staff plan. Does anyone have a great best practice resource for ratios and/or are you willing to share high level information on how your shop is structured?

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Kate Kiser
    Director, Development Operations
    IU Health Foundation

  • 2.  RE: gift processing staffing & volume

    Posted 01-13-2022 01:12 PM


    I am very interested in this topic as well.  One of the interesting 'outcomes' of COVID, for us at least, has been a quicker-than-expected migration to online giving.  For our team, online gifts require far less time than checks received via mail.  I am trying to wrap my head around how we might plan for different staffing needs in 3-5 years.  While I don't have any insight, I would be interested in the collective wisdom of the community  ��


    Tracy Rush

    Executive Director, Advancement Services

    Otterbein University

    1 South Grove

    Westerville, OH 43081



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  • 3.  RE: gift processing staffing & volume

    Posted 01-13-2022 01:15 PM
    Kate, you can check the archives as we have discussed this previously.  But, I think you will find that the answers are all across the board.  At issue is that there is no one size fits all - and a ton depends on what other duties gift processors must attend to.  And, the CRM you are using will impact your throughput, as will the extent to which you have automated (lockboxes and recurring gifts plus automated interfaces with event and online giving systems).

    All things being equal - and ensuring that gift entry staff do just that - enter gifts (no filing, photocopying, and only limited data entry) - 10-20 gifts/hour per person (500 gifts/week) is a reasonable target if not looking at complex gifts.  But that also assumes the batches are being prepared appropriately with all of the necessary information for gift entry (they aren't having to track down fund information).

    I have seen faster, and slower.  What's critical is accuracy!


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