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Charitable Registration Question

  • 1.  Charitable Registration Question

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    Please forgive me if this is a very basic question or not the appropriate forum, as I am outside of my wheelhouse here!

    For reporting to states for charitable registration purposes, how do you account for DAFs and other conduits? For example, if I am a donor in Colorado but I make a gift through my DAF located in California, to which state do I report this donation as having been solicited from that state?

    Thank you so much for any possible assistance you can provide!


    Director of Prospect Management & Research
    Ashesi University Foundation

    Rachel Wilfahrt
    Director of Prospect Management and Research
    Ashesi University Foundation

  • 2.  RE: Charitable Registration Question

    Posted 9 days ago
    It is based on who you solicit ... ie where you send the email, mail, or call.

    I would think you are soliciting the donor in your example in Colorado vs soliciting the DAF

  • 3.  RE: Charitable Registration Question

    Posted 9 days ago
    The answer, in practice, is you need to register in both. The rules do vary state-by-state, but the best practice is that if you're asking for money from someone, you need to register in the state that person is, and if you're consistently and/or substantially receiving contributions from a donor you need to register in that state. 

    Thank you,
    Isaac Shalev
    Data Strategy Expert
    Sage70, Inc.
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  • 4.  RE: Charitable Registration Question

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Rachel - for states that ask for a sum/count of revenue raised in their state for renewal/annual reports, I report DAF gifts based on the state the DAF entity is located in, not for the location of the donor who received the soft credit. The legal donor is the DAF, not the individual.

    Tracey Mullane
    Director, Development Operations
    Partners In Health