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  • 1.  Solicit Codes tracking

    Posted 11-20-2019 05:28 PM

    We are looking to learn how other universities are tracking their solicit codes (preference to receive or not receive certain mailings, emails, texts, phone calls) in the system.


    We have a system currently in place.  It meets our needs, but in the ever changing technology climate, we feel that we could be doing things more efficiently and would like to learn what other schools are doing.


    Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer into what you are doing at your institution.





    Missy Lind Egelhoff

    Senior Director, Advancement Information Services

    Marquette University | University Advancement

    Zilber Hall – 421Z | PO Box 1881 Milwaukee WI 53201-1881

    T: 414.288.6774 | M: 414.699.8131 | E: