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In Honor of: Named Fund Titles

  • 1.  In Honor of: Named Fund Titles

    Posted 09-01-2021 09:31 PM
    Good evening, 
    I have received several requests this week for gift agreement endowment titles structured like this:

    • Sarah Thomas and Sean Williams Scholarship Endowment, In Honor of Dorothy Nentrup
    • The Williams Family Anthropology Scholarship Endowment, In Honor of Dorothy Nentrup 
    • Sarah Thomas Scholarship Endowment, In Honor of Susan B. Anthony
    Note: Made up endowment names and used my family members as examples. 
    I see these as double namings. They are naming the endowment after themselves and they are honoring someone.

    In addition, we also do not know, if the honoree knows that they are getting something named after them and they approve of this endowment getting named after them. 
    1. Do other universities allow donors to name funds after themselves and in honor of someone else? 
    2. Do universities do any vetting or approval of funds named after an honoree?
    3. Does it make a difference, if the donor does not have a relationship or connection to the honoree? Is there any vetting or approval of that? 
    4. How are universities writing in honorees into their agreements? 
    5. Do y'all think that naming an endowment after yourself and honoring someone else is a double naming? 
    6. Does anyone have the honorees sign the agreement? Also, what if the honoree is dead? Do you make them the honoree the legal signers or acknowledge by signers? 
    To me, if you want to honor someone, I would leave my name off and place only the honoree. This would be more honorable than naming the endowment after me and then honoring someone else. 

    Also, I would hate for someone to name a math scholarship after me without my approval. 
    I would love to hear other people's input on this subject. 

    Sarah Thomas
    Director Donor Services
    NC State University