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Ideal Portfolio Size for MGO

  • 1.  Ideal Portfolio Size for MGO

    Posted 10-27-2021 12:17 PM

    I believe that CASE best practices state that an MGO should have a portfolio size of no more than 150 prospects.  Does anyone have the exact verbiage from CASE (or AFP) that will help me build my case to hire an additional fundraiser?  Thank you.

    Barbara Sine

    Barbara Sine
    Director of Advancement Services
    Newark Academy

  • 2.  RE: Ideal Portfolio Size for MGO

    Posted 10-27-2021 01:11 PM
    I do not recall CASE ever coming right out and making that proclamation.  However, all work and writing I have seen on the subject suggests 125-150.

    But it's really not about the number of prospects.  It's more what you do with them.  You could have a portfolio of 500.  But that won't increase the number of meaningful contacts and moves you might have.

    While it's been eight years since I left NC State, here is what our Relationship Management policy said on this topic:

    Major gift officers are expected to:


    1.       Meet annual fundraising dollar goal.

    2.       Average 18-24 asks of $25,000 and up per year, recorded as Advance proposals.

    3.       Fully participate in providing an anticipated ask pipeline by entering in Advance a proposal no later than 60-90 days before an ask of $25,000 and higher. As the ask progresses, Advance proposal stage and status should be updated and related contact reports linked. Unexpected donor-initiated or quickly arising development-initiated asks should be entered as Advance proposals as soon as possible.

    4.       Designate an assignment priority of top, emerging, discovery, stewardship, or perpetual stewardship for all existing assigned major gift prospects or at time of request for new assignment requests.

    5.       Carry a major gift prospect portfolio of 120-150 major gift prospects in active solicitation cycle (those not in perpetual stewardship). Maintain 20-30 top prospects who will move through the solicitation cycle in 12-18 months. Maintain 20-30 emerging prospects whose proposal is not yet in negotiation and cultivate them to become top prospects within 12-18 months. Record in an Advance prospect strategy note a brief strategic plan for all top priority prospects at the time of designation. Move all assigned prospects through the solicitation cycle in coordination with any team members.

    6.       Average 12-15 NC State-oriented, substantial face-to-face visits per month recorded in Advance contact reports.

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