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Hot Topics Call: Sep. 11: Corporate, Foundation, Grant, Gift, Contracts....oh my

  • 1.  Hot Topics Call: Sep. 11: Corporate, Foundation, Grant, Gift, Contracts....oh my

    Posted 23 days ago

    Good morning,

    September's Hot Topic Call: Will be September 11, 2020 (This was moved due to Labor Day weekend). The focus will be on corporate, foundation, grant, gift, contracts....oh my  (please add your corporate or non-standard templates). We are going to dive deep into the complexities of these types of agreements, who you should partner with on-campus, what resources people have developed and training.

    If you would like to sign up for this call, please sign up here (if you have previously signed up, you will only need to do so once). 

    I am looking for panelists volunteers to discuss naming policies and removals, please contact me if you are interested. 

    Upcoming Calls

    October's Hot Topic Call: Will be October 2, 2020. The focus will be on professorships and faculty funds. Panelists will be Abby Fox, Senior Director Of Stewardship And Donor Communications, Oklahoma State University Foundation and Sasha A. Keller, Endowment Reporting Officer, University of California, Berkeley. (I want to give them a big shout out for volunteering.)

    November's Hot Topic Call Suggested Topics

    • Gift Agreements and DAFs (How to write gift agreements when a DAF is involved?) 

    • FY20 Endowment Reporting, Messaging and How to Prep for Donor Calls (When your remote, when you are not underwater but you did not perform as well as before or if you are underwater.)

    • Fund Audits 

    • Gift Agreement Automation 

    December's Hot Topic Call: No call this month. Will see everyone back in January. 

    We are looking for guest speakers if you are interested in being a guest speaker to assist in guiding the conversation on any on the topics please contact me. We are also looking for topics for September and November, please feel free to request.

    Sarah Thomas
    Director Donor Services
    NC State University