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  • 1.  Athletic Booster Club

    Posted 29 days ago
    We are about to launch our first Athletic Booster Club at Texas Woman's University and I have a few questions about the benefits and how do we assign a value to some of them. Some of the items that are being offered are easy like season tickets, their name on the website and an Annual Report. Other items are not so easy and I am hoping someone out there can help me figure out where I would need to go to find the FMV of some of the items. The items I am not sure about are Access to the Hospitality Room (would we just use the amount me might charge for renting the room (how would you break that down to just one or two people), invitation to a practice (if practices are closed to the public how do you decide how much it is worth), and another one is the Honorary Coach of Game ( would there be a benefit for that).  Any help you can give me would be great and if someone out there already has an Athletic Booster Club set up and would not mind talking off line that would be great also.


    Cynthia Hornbeck
    Gift Processing Specialist
    Texas Woman's University