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FMV when benefit goes to another charity

  • 1.  FMV when benefit goes to another charity

    Posted 14 days ago



    Our radio station is planning on running a premium where, for $X donation, the station then makes a cash donation to partner animal shelters in the area.  The amount the shelters receive is not specified to the station donor.  Would we still count this as FMV on the donation to the station?

    Would it make any difference if the station was giving, say, actual dog and cat food to the shelter?

    Would it make a difference if the station was not actually transferring or giving anything, but the partner charity gave away something like a dog care backpack to homeless veterans with dogs?


    Thanks for the help!  I was having trouble framing search terms on this one.

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  • 2.  RE: FMV when benefit goes to another charity

    Posted 14 days ago
    It sounds to me like KCLU is serving as a pass-through for another nonprofit organization.  KCLU is not benefitting - the shelters are.  I fail to see how donating to these shelters is within the mission of KCLU.

    My preference would be for KCLU to receipt only that which they retain and have the shelters issue receipts for their portions.

    Or, if that's too messy, work out an agreement with the shelters that allows you to issue receipts in their names.


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