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Streamlining Gift Processing

  • 1.  Streamlining Gift Processing

    Posted 10 days ago
    Happy Summer!
    We are reviewing our systems & processes, and trying to reduce the amount of manual work that goes into gift processing.  We seem to spend a lot of time preparing data for Import, Importing, cleaning up after Imports, reviewing batches, posting batches, and cleaning up records after they have been committed to the database.  We use Raiser's Edge as our database, Luminate Online for online transactions, and Import-o-Matic for Importing data from our Caging Service, Luminate Online, our Volunteer Management system (CiviCore), and various other systems. I would love to have conversations with others who are using the RE/LO/IOM trio, to see what we can learn from what you are doing well.  We have 500,000+ records in our database, and have processed 180,000+ gifts this year. 
    We will consider the possibility of changing any or all of our tools, but need to see what fixes we can make to our current processes first.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining the conversation (off-line is fine if you are more comfortable that way).

    Mark Mathyer
    Director, Development Services
    Greater Chicago Food Depository

  • 2.  RE: Streamlining Gift Processing

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi Mark - we use RE/IOM and soon our online platform will be EveryAction (moving over from BSD next month).

    I'd be happy to chat with you or others - our team can always use tips, and I can share some of what we do - for example, we use VBA code in some of our IOM profiles to do some work upfront during gift import. We also have automations at the server level using PHP to kick things off, like run SQL stored procedures and push import files to IOM to run at night. We also use a web server connected to our RE server that serves as our "Web Importer" - a site holds import templates for Devo team members to use to post routine import files, like Actions or Notes, that are imported overnight without needing RE admin staff time.

    Note that our RE instance is NOT hosted by Blackbaud, so you wont be able to do anything I described at the server level if you are hosted by them (we're hosted by Concourse Hosting).

    I suspect you've seen an explosion in giving this spring, as we have? Makes it all the more important to scale up!


    Tracey Mullane
    Director, Development Operations
    Partners In Health