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Gift Stewardship

  • 1.  Gift Stewardship

    Posted 23 days ago

    Every gift received by us is acknowledged/receipted for tax purposes, unless it's payroll deduction.  We also personally steward gifts weekly.  These are assigned to our gift officers.  Not all gifts are assigned for personal gift stewardship.  I've written some queries to include board, assigned, specific initiatives, gifts over a certain amount, etc....  It's not practical to have all gifts personally stewarded by our staff nor do we have a robust volunteer structure to do so.


    Who in your office makes the decision as to which gifts are to be stewarded?  Are the GOs involved or is it left up to the person in charge of donor relations/stewardship?



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  • 2.  RE: Gift Stewardship

    Posted 22 days ago
    We had a discussion as a team (advancement dept). The gift officers were definitely involved. We made a change about 3 years ago to go from acknowledging all gifts with a letter (and receipt), to receipting all gifts and those $1,000 and over received a letter as well.  We acknowledge with a letter any trustee and staff gifts, regardless of amount. I had mixed feelings about this because we have alumni who are overwhelmingly in the small donor category and we are missing another touch point by not sending them a letter, particularly when we are struggling with our alumni relations.  It certainly merits a discussion to come up with the best path for your organization.

    Madeleine Holdsworth
    Assoc Director, Data Systems and Analysis
    Erikson Institute