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Book Value for an In-Kind Donation

  • 1.  Book Value for an In-Kind Donation

    Posted 14 days ago
    We are receiving several musical instruments as in-kind donations (we are a school, so our music department can happily use them). I am hung up on what specifically to use for the book value for the gifts. We will receipt as just the items (1 flute, 2 violins, etc...), but I know that the donors have gotten valuations in ranges for them (ie - the flute could be sold for $900-$1100). Should I just book the average of the two values? Each of the individual items should be well under the $5,000 threshold from the IRS and it's from several donors, so I don't expect the total values to reach that amount either.

    This is a first for us, as previously all in-kind donations had been booked without dollar amounts or not tax receipted at all, so any advice is appreciated. Our gift acceptance policies merely state that in-kind donations have to be approved by the advancement office and head of school, no guidance about amounts.

    Thank you so much!

  • 2.  RE: Book Value for an In-Kind Donation

    Posted 14 days ago
    When left with only a donor estimate, I turn to this new-fangled thing called Google :-).  Pretty much anything that can be sold has been sold, and you can often find a comparison on the interweb.  And when it comes to common items such as musical instruments, I've often contacted a local instrument reseller for advice.  You can also get a gut-check from your own music staff.

    BTW, the same rules apply even if $5,000+.  Donors are not required to give you an appraisal.  And if they don't want to claim a deduction, they also do not have to give you an 8283.  I have followed the same protocol mentioned above for many 5-6 figure in-kind donations.

    The final counting decision rests with your Gift Acceptance Committee - should there be a difference of opinion.  And also, remember that what you count these at might not be the same value that your CFO will use for recording an asset.


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