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Document Automation Software

  • 1.  Document Automation Software

    Posted 15 days ago


    We are looking at the possibility of using document automation software like Hot Docs for creating gift agreements and other types of agreements that you could easily template.  Are their others sites that are doing this and if so, what software do you use?  Was it difficult to get Development Officer buy in to use the product?  What have been the pros and cons that you have experienced since automating?  Overall, do you think it is worth moving in this direction?


    Thanks for your time.




    Colleen Hobson

    Senior Director of Advancement Services

    Utah State University

    Tel: 435-797-1285  Fax: 435-797-1364

  • 2.  RE: Document Automation Software

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Colleen,

    DonorTek LLC has developed software integrated with RE/NXT that automates the processing of Receipts/e-Receipts and Acknowledgements/e-Acknowledgements.  As your direct email address was not present in your July 30th post about Document Automation Software, I can only contact you here.  If you would contact me at, I would be happy to discuss and give you more information.

    Regards and stay safe,

    Art Gerstein
    External Affairs
    DonorTek LLC