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  • 1.  Grateful Patient Scoring

    Posted 09-16-2021 02:44 PM

    For all of you healthcare fundraisers we're running a session next Thursday titled: "Connect The Grateful Patient Dots:  End the Struggle with Multiple Hospital Systems and Data Overload". 

    We'll have two key Healthcare Fundraisers with us to discuss how they use patient and CRM data together in their day-to-day operations. We'll discuss how to calculate scores, create prospect segments, and use the content with teams to improve overall fundraising results.

    We will dive into:

    • Calculating grateful patient connection scores from your patient encounters data.
    • Implementing the scores so that they update daily as new patients come in, and existing patients have additional encounters.
    • Integrating patient encounters with CRM and Financial Data into a composite view that maintains high level security and is HIPAA compliant.
    • How to most effectively use these scores and content with your teams in order to raise more money, faster, and at lower cost.

    I hope that you'll consider joining us.  Learn more and signup at: Connect The Grateful Patient Dots


    Doug Cogswell,

    EVP Pursuant || Founder GivingDNA-Advizor


    Doug Cogswell
    The Pursuant Group // Advizor