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Gifts processed through Credit Card outside of Advancement

  • 1.  Gifts processed through Credit Card outside of Advancement

    Posted 27 days ago
    We have multiple departments on our campus who have access to credit card processing to take payments for different things (tickets, payments, etc.). We have one department in particular who will also process gifts from both employees and donors using their department's credit card processor. Their credit card processor is not linked to our advancement credit card processor, so we only know about the gift if and when they inform us. Do any of you have issues like this? How do you handle it and prevent it from happening?

    Suzie Weesner
    Assistant Director, Donor Relations

  • 2.  RE: Gifts processed through Credit Card outside of Advancement

    Posted 27 days ago

    Hi, Suzie –


    To work with items such as these, we:

    1.       Execute up a process by which the card-processing department makes us aware of the gift, plus all of the relevant details we would need to submit the gift.

    2.       Book the gift into our database, but code it such that it does NOT feed to the General Ledger (because routing the checks to the appropriate gift fund will have taken place before Advancement is aware of the gifts).  

    3.       Provide details about the Non-GL gift batch to our General Accounting department so they are aware of the entries on our side (even if we are not feeding these entries to the GL). 

    4.       Receipt and acknowledge the gifts the same as we would with all others. 


    I'll note that this process only really works if everyone is on the same page ahead of time (i.e. if there's general agreement about when it's appropriate for a department outside of Advancement to process these transactions).  We have a separate process by which the Bursar/Cash Management makes us aware of gifts that someone wants to deposit through them to a gift account without first touching base with Advancement. 


    If you'd like to chat, please feel free to reach out to me directly.  Have a great day!


    Michael Halverson, Ed.D.
    Senior Director of Advancement Services
    Loyola University Chicago
    T. 312-915-7283 | C.
    320-363-4987 |



  • 3.  RE: Gifts processed through Credit Card outside of Advancement

    Posted 26 days ago
    Resolving it from happening starts with having a conversation about it.  It's imperative that you make sure that you are getting all of the information so you can make sure the proper stewardship is taking place.  But since they are using a different card processor, it may be worth looking into the card processing fees.  Since these other departments are processing the cards, they are also paying the fees.  Are your fees lower than the other departments?  I think we all agree that the best practice is to give the donor full credit for the amount paid if the entire gift is tax deductible.

    But you definitely need to try to have a conversation with the other departments as to why it's happening, and why they aren't directing those donors to your office.

    Dariel Dixon
    Business Analyst
    REX Healthcare Foundation