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Gift in Kind dates

  • 1.  Gift in Kind dates

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi all,

    I've searched through the list of topics in the Fundsvcs thread, checked the IRS and CASE guidelines and have come up with conflicting information. Is the date used to book a gift in kind (GIK, nonmon, etc.) the date the donor made their contribution known to you or is it when you actually take possession? I've always been accustomed to using the date the University took possession but have found literal that suggests it's when the University becomes aware of the intended donation. We don't book GIK pledges so that's not an option. And, just like a pledge, if we were to book one, the intent to give a gift in kind is not the same as the actual giving of the thing(s). We have a signed donation agreement with an itemized list but the date is different than when the items were relinquished from the donor's control.


    Jessica Baker
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  • 2.  RE: Gift in Kind dates

    Posted 11 days ago
    I have never heard of the "became aware of" date.  If I were recording a pledge, I might use that date.  But you cannot "book" a gift until you actually own it.

    That said, I use the same rules for GIKs as I do cash gifts.  The date in my CRM is the processed date.  Backdating messes things up for reporting - often causing you not even report the gift if the "legal" date was months ago.

    Of course, when signing the 8283, you must note the received date.  Often that is the physical date of receipt.  However, there are times when titles or deeds are transferred into your name well before you physically receive a GIK.  I believe the 8283 is looking for that date - the date you took ownership.


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  • 3.  RE: Gift in Kind dates

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi Jessica,

    The date the org takes physical possession is generally most often the right date for ownership transfer.  

    However, when a donation is made via contract/gift agreement, ownership can transfer earlier than physical possession, but the specifics depend on the contract. It is generally true that when a contract for unconditional donation is used to transfer ownership, the transfer takes place immediately on signing the contract, unless the contract specifies otherwise, or unless the goods being donated are not yet in a deliverable state or haven't been fully identified.

    Eg, a paper goods manufacturer agrees to donate 10,000 paper plates to you by contract. The plates become yours when the donor separates out the 10k paper plates from the rest of their inventory and designates them to you -- and tells you about it. This isn't about knowing the donor's intent to give, it's about knowing that the donor took an affirmative action to fulfill the obligation in the contract they already signed.

    In any event you have no obligation to record the date of ownership transfer as the gift date in your donor system. Using a standard approach across GIK and regular gifts is recommended! Note, btw, that a mailed donation technically becomes yours on the day it was put in the mailbox, but many nonprofits record the gift date as the date the gift was received in the mail, or the date it was processed.

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