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Check received for specific student

  • 1.  Check received for specific student

    Posted 27 days ago

    Our financial aid office received a check from a company for the benefit of a specific student a couple months ago. It was applied directly to the student's account. The owner of the company recently asked the financial aid office for a gift receipt. The office told the owner it wasn't a gift and couldn't provide a gift receipt (not that the FA office would, we would if possible). So far so good, sorta.

    I was provided a copy of the canceled check and the letter that accompanied it and an email where I determined it was an outside scholarship. The owner said a local high school has a scholarship, they chose the student and the owner funded the award directly to our university and said he had absolutely no input in choosing the student. 

    I have not encountered this specific situation before. If he really didn't have input in the choice of the student and just provided the name of the student because that was what he was told to do by the high school, should we trust and record as a gift?

    Rob Saunders 
    AVC Advancement Operations 
    UNC Greensboro 

  • 2.  RE: Check received for specific student

    Posted 27 days ago
    The high school specified the student.  Therefore this is not a gift.  Over the years I have encountered similar - often with churches as well.  My attorneys have all stated that the funds were not deductible.

    You can ask your Counsel for advice and probably should.  But they will likely affirm that the payment is not deductible as it was not given to you to then determine an appropriate recipient.  The high school is not an extension of your university.


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