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    Posted 12-19-2019 10:09 AM
    Does anyone have experience in using multiple banks and Blackbaud CRM? Currently we have our General Ledger Setup in Blackbaud CRM for only one bank but we use more than one. Currently we have one bank for Credit Cards (Bank A)  and one bank for everything else (Bank B). All the gifts go to our account setup with Bank B and our finance team has to move the money around to reconcile between our system and what is really in each bank account. We eventually would like to eliminate the credit card bank and just go to one. However, we've been looking into lockbox services and are more interested in a completely different bank (Bank C). This means we could get any type of gift to two different banks as our primary bank (Bank B) will not be changed. This could make an even bigger mess in the reconciling process so we are hopeful someone has figured this out in CRM. Thanks!

    Jessie Rader
    Director of Advancement Records and Research
    University of Nebraska Foundation