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Student Government Creating Diversity Scholarship

  • 1.  Student Government Creating Diversity Scholarship

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hello -

    This is a two part question:

    1) Our student government (Polity) will have a budget surplus this year - their budget is derived from the College's general budget.  The Polity would like to create a diversity scholarship with their budget surplus.  My question:  Can a student group, department or program of a college that derives its budget from the general fund of the college, use a surplus of funds to restrict the future use of these same funds?  My spidey sense wants to question the restriction of funds derived from the college's general budget by an entity of the college and not by the college itself.  I would think the college would need to initiate the restriction as the funds are not "owned" by the Polity.

    2) When the diversity scholarship is created, the college administration would like to divert revenue derived from a telecommunications tower located on college land to this same diversity scholarship.  My question:  This is revenue received by the college and I assume the College can designate the funds for any use it wishes.  Is their any due diligence or communications that needs to occur with the telecommunications firm?

    Thanks and regards,

    Richard West
    St John's College

    Richard West
    Director of Advancement Services
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