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are names consistent accross lists?

  • 1.  are names consistent accross lists?

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hello Listers!

    Are there ever inconsistencies between how a person or couple is recognized in the Annual Giving list, the Planned Giving Society list, the Trustee list, etc? I've tried researching this and haven't yet found anything detailed enough to answer my question. Over time, we have asked donors how they want to be recognized, but have been inconsistent in the format we present to them for approval. Also, as we are a Seminary many of our constituents want their title to be used (Rev., Pastor, etc.) but some donors want no title, so we have built-in inconsistency on how names are listed, compounded by differences in how we presented potential listing when asking for approval.

    As a result, we've ended up with:

    George Washington, Esq. (Trustee list)

    Mr. and Mrs. George Washington (donor stated choice for gift recognition)

    George and Martha Washington (donor-approved for Planned Giving Society listing)

    Marty and George Washington (donor stated choice for Lifetime Giving Society list)

    All four versions end up in the same Annual Report and it's making some people very anxious. Is there a best practice on this? Are names always consistent from one list to the next or is some variation to be expected? Any guidance, opinions, or hot tips on published lists showing inconsistency would be greatly appreciated! Thanks as always for your wonderful, collected wisdom.

    Sherrel Battles
    Data Resource Coordinator
    Christian Theological Seminary

  • 2.  RE: are names consistent accross lists?

    Posted 12 days ago
    We use Constituent Attributes for various naming preferences, all prefixed with "Recognition". The Category name follows the pattern: Recognition - Annual Report, Recognition - Legacy, etc.  The Description is the name desired for that category; Date reflects date of request; Comments reflects the mechanism for the request.  This allows easy querying, sorting, listing, etc.

    Karen Snyder
    Minneapolis, MN