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Annual day of giving counting, matching gift pledges

  • 1.  Annual day of giving counting, matching gift pledges

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hello from sunny Chicago,

    I have an annual day of giving counting question, so not necessarily the same as counting for CASE or campaign totals. Having carefully skimmed Jon's recently updated "Who Can Make a Pledge" document, my question involves counting matching gifts.

    Our annual day of giving is tomorrow and we have a donor who has pledged to give X, to help motivate their graduating class to give. They work for a company that matches 2:1 so the final gift is now 3X. Our giving day team would like to count the final amount in the "challenge" for the class, not the original gift ("Alumnus has given $3X; join them in making your gift"). 

    Since the donor can only be responsible for their gift, not the company's match, I think only the original gift should be included in the challenge. The donor has not said that if their company does not make the match, they will make up the deficit, so we only have assurances for the original amount.

    Separately, I would be okay if we included the matched amount in our end of night totals. This company has consistently matched 2:1 in the past and I feel mostly safe in saying we expect the money. Of course, writing it out like this has made me question that level of comfortability.

    What is the best practice here? 

    I'd like to learn more about counting principles in general so if someone has a recommendation for a webinar on best practices, for giving day and otherwise, I would be all ears.


    Elizabeth Tavares
    Director of Advancement Services
    North Park University

  • 2.  RE: Annual day of giving counting, matching gift pledges

    Posted 13 days ago

    We count our giving day challenge dollars separately from pledges booked for reasons such as this. We allow corporate matching gifts to count in the giving day challenge dollars, but we do not book pledges for the matching gifts. The only exception that we have allowed is if they write it into their pledge commitment that they will be responsible for the balance of the pledge if the matching gift does not happen. In those cases, we adjust the pledge down as the matching gifts come in since we do not post matching gift payments to pledges.

    Good luck!


    Jenny Ziegler
    Director of Development Analytics
    Lawrence University