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Email Unsubscribe Settings

  • 1.  Email Unsubscribe Settings

    Posted 01-12-2022 04:20 PM

    We use RE NXT and Online Express for most emails, although we also use the education side of Blackbaud for school-wide emails and alumni newsletters. Recently we had some alums opt out and unsubscribe from emails sent on the education side but my understanding is that once someone unsubscribes from a Blackbaud email, that it is extremely hard to opt them back in.

    Does anyone have a good example of unsubscribe options? I am on a fair amount of political lists as well as e-commerce emails and when I click to unsubscribe, it often gives me options of the following: Unsubscribe from everything, unsubscribe just from newsletters, or opt to receive emails less frequently. I wasn't aware that Blackbaud offers anything of the sorts, so I was curious if anyone uses a plug in for this kind of thing or if it is a one-size fits all model.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Maggie Raiken
    Director of Advancement Services
    Sage Hill School

  • 2.  RE: Email Unsubscribe Settings

    Posted 01-13-2022 02:55 PM
    This became a problem for us when we switched to NXT. I would suggest checking the Blackbaud RE NXT Community, which provided a workaround of some sort. In the Email marketing design in NXT, someone suggesting blocking out the Blackbaud unsubscribe link just by overlaying it with a text box.   Add your own language for unsubscribing (we provided an internal email to send to about the unsubscribe).  Then we could update with our own solicit coding. The "blanket" unsubscribe Blackbaud uses is problematic for us so we have implemented this workaround.  Not great, but it avoids that all encompassing unsubscribe.  I was told you have to go through BB support in order to get an unsubscribe removed; seems very cumbersome to me.

    Madeleine Holdsworth
    Assoc Director, Data Systems and Analysis
    Erikson Institute