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more campaign counting vs post campaign counting

  • 1.  more campaign counting vs post campaign counting

    Posted 16 days ago
    We counted a $1M conditional pledge in our campaign totals.  Because it was conditional it didnt feed to Finance.  We tracked the PG intentions and the few conditional pledges in a spreadsheet, which was a pain in the neck, because we couldnt find a way in our system to count things not posted to the GL. 
    Now the campaign is over.   The pledger made a $500k payment.  But the pledge wasn't posted, so the software thinks this should count in our totals as new money.  But Advancement counted it in 2016.  When CASE says you can count things like conditional pledges, were there discussions on how to keep track of the specialness?  It's an outright gift, but it's not a payment for a posted pledge.
    Thanks for your collective wisdom,

    Beth Johnson
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  • 2.  RE: more campaign counting vs post campaign counting

    Posted 16 days ago
    You still should record a "pledge" in your CRM - flagged as "conditional."  Your CRM would, then, properly see this as payment on that pledge.  Your official reports out of your CRM are then correct.  Finance should not be issuing your fundraising reports!  But, if this is an issue, they would need to make an adjustment on their end.

    FWIW, CASE could not address all the various reporting requirements but assumed that fundraising reports would come out of the fundraising system.


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