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    Posted 07-08-2021 08:10 PM
    Just got our LexisNexis renewal and we're looking at $6,000+ for our current subscription level. We lost our prospect researcher to furlough a year ago and the position was cut at the end of the year. Have reorganized and another staff member attempting to take this on, but based on the amount of research that hasn't been done over the past year, I can't imagine that we've gotten our money's worth on this product, or that we are likely to do so for the coming year.

    My past experience with was that it was a per-transaction basis but that it essentially operates on LexisNexis platform so we are getting the same info - correct me if my recollection is wrong. I do not have data from LexisNexis to confirm this, but I'm guessing that even on a per-transaction basis, I could save a substantial amount of $$ until my new staffer really ramps up usage.


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