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Taxpayer e-Signatures Permanently Authorized on 8283's

  • 1.  Taxpayer e-Signatures Permanently Authorized on 8283's

    Posted 09-03-2021 05:20 AM
    The IRS has released a list of many taxpayer forms where electronic or digital signatures are permitted.  Of note to many of us on FundSvcs is the inclusion of the 8283 on this list:

    Note that this list applies to taxpayers and their representatives.  It does not apply to the donee organization.  Therefore, we still need to sign part V of section B.

    Also, the instructions for the 8283 now make it clear that the appraiser (if one is needed) does not need to complete their portion (part IV) until after obtaining our signature.  Here's a snippet from the instructions:

    "After completing Part V, the organization must return Form 8283 to you, the donor. You must give a copy of Section B of this form to the donee organization. You may then complete any remaining information required in Part I. Also, the qualified appraiser can complete Part IV at this time."


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