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What to Measure When You Can't Visit Prospects

  • 1.  What to Measure When You Can't Visit Prospects

    Posted 06-26-2020 10:42 AM

    For some time the key metric used by Major Giving Fundraising teams has been "# of Visits Made This Fiscal Year-to-Date". And now with COVID-19 restrictions you can't visit most of your prospects anymore. So what CAN you do?? What should you be measuring?

    We've discussed this with a number of our clients, and when we dig into the data we find three things:

    1. # of Visits actually never has been the best indicator of whether a meaningful contact occurred
    2. There are new tools that make flagging a contact as "meaningful" really easy … and usable. Might be a visit, phone call, online meeting, email, …
    3. Successful teams go well beyond visits & interactions and work with more strategic "performance drivers"


    So we did some research and ran a webinar with APRA Maryland a couple of weeks ago.  The focus is on shifting from visits to "meaningful contacts". You can check it out at And the best thing is it's free 😊


    Hope this all makes some sense. Love talking about this … because getting this right can be a game changer. Let me know if you'd like to discuss with our consultants … at no charge. We can share best practices from our extensive work in this area.


    Doug Cogswell

    EVP Pursuant || President Advizor


    Doug Cogswell