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Sending to multiple emails and bounce report management

  • 1.  Sending to multiple emails and bounce report management

    Posted 07-02-2020 10:53 AM
    Hi all, 
    Wondering what your best practices are for the two items below:
    Multiple emails on file:
    We have 4 email types built out in Raiser's Edge. By default, our students and former staff/admin/faculty retain their school address as their primary email type. We use this primary address field for our email sends through NetCommunity. We have seen that many do not keep these addresses current after leaving our institution and quite a few have a secondary email on file. We are exploring what others do in regards to their email sends and have tossed around the idea of sending an 'update my information' email and sending it to all email types on file for an individual (so one person could receive that in 4 email boxes potentially) and allowing them to respond with their preferred email address (which we would move into the primary space for future emails). Anyone out there send to all emails on file when they email? Do you look for feedback from individuals on a preferred email address?
    Second, we have neglected managing bounced emails and want to clean that up. How many times do you allow an email to bounce before deactivating it on the individuals' record? Do you deactivate hard and soft bounces, or just certain bounce types (like 'failed address' deactivated but 'mailbox full' kept on file?)

    Jayme Fancher

  • 2.  RE: Sending to multiple emails and bounce report management

    Posted 07-07-2020 04:01 PM
    Hi Jayme,

    My institution has eight email types, Email1-5 and three different types of Former. We just sunsetted about 10,000 alumni and former faculty school email addresses and I updated the records in Raiser's Edge by inactivating the address and changing the type to Former Email. That caused a domino effect since many times, the school address was their Email1. I audited for records that had Email2 present on their record but no Email1 and changed Email2 to Email1, doing the same process for Emails 3-5, as appropriate. 

    We've never emailed all of the addresses on file but I wonder if that is an option in our near future. I'm curious about the order we have the emails listed; the majority of our records don't have a specific email listed as the Primary and I don't know how Email1 was determined originally. If we were to connect with our constituents on preferred email address, I'd like to start marking records as Primary. This project also uncovered that we're missing about 50% of our alumni email addresses, now that their school email has gone away, so we'll need to reach out/do an email append to fix that issue. 

    Regarding bouncebacks, our office administrator updates records weekly, based on information we get back from our communications. If it's a hard bounce, they inactivate the email address and change the type to Former Email. I believe they do the same for a soft bounce, including mailbox full, but I've found some inconsistencies from past years by doing this project so I'm not as sure about that practice. 

    Best of luck!

    Director of Advancement Services
    North Park University