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Endowment Reporting

  • 1.  Endowment Reporting

    Posted 08-09-2022 01:45 PM
    Good afternoon,
    We're working on an idea/change for endowment reports: in order to send out financial information ASAP, we're kicking around the idea of reporting FY22 scholarship recipients with our FY22 financial information.
    Question... if you report scholarship recipient information, do you report prior year recipient or current year recipient (ie: this year, we would report FY22 recipient and FY22 financials).
    In years past, we've reported current year scholarship recipients (ie: FY23 recipient and FY22 financials), but are thinking about changing to speed up our reporting/distribution.
    Thoughts and opinions?

    Posting for a colleague

    Valerie Seick
    Director of Gifts and Records Processing
    Miami University

  • 2.  RE: Endowment Reporting

    Posted 23 days ago
    Sorry this is such a late reply, but just catching up on posts.  We have made several changes to our Endowment reports over years. We've run the gamut from listing both previous and current year, to just current year, and the back to listing just the previous year so it would match the financials.  We do replacement awarding of scholarships so the names tend to vary depending on what time of year you look at the list.  Waiting on awards to be made was slowing our ability to get reports out in a timely manner. 

    Last year, we decided to separate the reporting completely.  We sent out financials only on the report (to help with speed of distribution) in the fall and did a follow-up student impact report in the spring which included the list of their current year students with bio/involvement info.  We coupled that with student thank you videos to our fund stewards through ThankView.

    Each time we've made a change, we notified our stewards of the changes and reasons for them. Hope that helps!

    Jennifer Kenzor
    Executive Director of Advancement Services
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology