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Experiences with PairSoft Implementation

  • 1.  Experiences with PairSoft Implementation

    Posted 06-21-2022 01:42 PM


    My organization is working on converting our paper fund documentation to electronic storage into our NXT database, and we have a contract with Pairsoft/PaperSave. We've experienced a lot of turnover in our PairSoft implementation manager role (four people since November!), and have yet to have a person onboard our team - in over six months. Of course our implementation experience is atypical, but I have used PaperSave before at a previous organization and it worked pretty well. 

    My question to you all: Have any of you worked with PairSoft recently and how has your experience been? I want to learn if we are we an anomaly, or if this is the norm due to the high turnover rates across the US. I'm thinking at this point to abandon ship and find a different document manager, as we don't have many documents uploaded anyway.

    Thank you in advance!

    Hillary Cote
    Manager of Advancement Services
    Fort Lewis College