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Gift from Deceased individuals account

  • 1.  Gift from Deceased individuals account

    Posted 14 days ago
    I'm wondering if you all could give us some insight on how to process a particular gift. We have received a check from the account of a couple who are both deceased, signed by the daughter of the couple. The daughter's name is not included on the check other than the signature. The most recently living individual passed away over a year ago. 

    How would you process this gift? Would you give hard credit to the daughter and soft credit to the parents even though they are both deceased? This is actually the 3rd time we have received a check from the daughter written in this way. The first two checks were processed to give the mother hard credit as the daughter stated the gift was on behalf of the mother and given shortly after the mother passed. 

    Any insights on this and how it should be processed? 


    Suzie Weesner
    Director of Advancement Services
    Indiana Wesleyan University

  • 2.  RE: Gift from Deceased individuals account

    Posted 14 days ago
    Have you asked the daughter?  This could be treated as a gift from the estate and entered on the deceased record.  Or, it could be a gift from the daughter if the will transferred the account to her.

    I would not guess - I would call!


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