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Giving/Matching Gift Vendors Like Benevity Recorded as DAFs?

  • 1.  Giving/Matching Gift Vendors Like Benevity Recorded as DAFs?

    Posted 10 days ago
    Folks -- And John Taylor! -- Is anyone following this business practice?  Do you see if there will be issues of compliance?  Please advise...

    A colleague mentioned that she heard this at a CASE conference:  Funds Coming from vendors like Benevity, Cybergrants, YourCause, etc., are being coded as gifts from Donor Advised Funds.  The receiving institution gives 'hard/legal' credit to the DAF, and doesn't issue a receipt, but rather an acknowledgment to the 'employee' who has directed the funds to the organization.  They send two different acknowledgments for these transactions:

    - Thank you for directing funds to our organization
    - Thank your for using your matching gift to benefit our organization (that's for the transactions that are listed as 'matching gifts'.

    I really like this solution. Anymore, these 'vendors' are popping up, and it is a bear to have to reconcile the different types of transactions.  

    FURTHER, as a fellow Ellucian Advance (We're on the CRM/Microsoft Dynamix platform, and the colleague is in the throes of implementing that version) user my colleague tells me that her institution is OPTING NOT TO USE the 'Match Expectancy' feature of that system going forward.  I am headed that way, because the new normal of vendor managed matching and payroll gifts makes the old way of doing MGs obsolete.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE for your input!


    Jennifer Liu-Cooper
    Director of Gift Administration
    Oregon State University Foundation

  • 2.  RE: Giving/Matching Gift Vendors Like Benevity Recorded as DAFs?

    Posted 7 days ago
    This is exactly what we do for any of the workplace giving processers who have indicated that they directly receipt the donor themselves (United Way, Benevity, Frontstream, Blackbaud Giving Fund, etc.).  If we need to issue the receipt, then we enter them as a regular donation on the individual/corporate record (but actually I'm not sure we have any of those anymore - I think EasyMatch was the last one and those companies have shifted to CyberGrants).

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  • 3.  RE: Giving/Matching Gift Vendors Like Benevity Recorded as DAFs?

    Posted 7 days ago
    I think you're generally correct in saying that the match expectancy feature in many systems, not just Advance, was built for the case where employees made gifts and employers matched those gifts, without an intermediary. There are still many of those types of gifts, and services like Double the Donation that facilitate that type of giving. But the vendor-managed matches don't work the same way, because there is an intermediary DAF or foundation. This has some advantages, but also some disadvantages. From a stewardship perspective, the soft-crediting of the employee gift is not ideal. The employee was not motivated any differently and had no different intent, but in your system, they only get soft credit, simply because of the mechanics of the gift. 

    The more we deal with intermediary giving vehicles, the more we would benefit from adding another dimension to our crediting. Crediting for tax purposes is one attribute, but we need a type of credit (a "firm credit?") to give to a donor who is, in practical terms, choosing to give to us, and giving their own money, but is using a giving vehicle to facilitate the gift. 

    Thank you,
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