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Plaques Question

  • 1.  Plaques Question

    Posted 12 days ago
    What policies do you have regarding plaques such as moving them or if something like a tree/garden is no longer but was part of the dedication/plaque?

    Ann Carman
    Hartwick College

  • 2.  RE: Plaques Question

    Posted 12 days ago

    Hi Ann - We go back to our Gift Acceptance and Donor Recognition Policy. We have this language built into any donor recognition agreement:


    "This donor recognition shall exist for the useful life of named space. The useful life of the named space ends if it is demolished, destroyed, relocated, substantially renovated, or ceases to be used by the School.


    In the event that the entire gift amount is not received by the School as agreed upon, the School may, in its sole discretion, offer the Donor an alternate naming opportunity appropriate to the amount of the Donor's gift. It is the school's practice to discuss any changes to recognition with the donor.

    If at any time the School determines that the honoree's activities reflect negatively on the School's public image, or are in material conflict with its mission, the School will have the right to terminate donor recognition rights.


    All donor recognition is subject to the acceptance of the gift and approval of such recognition designation by The Board of Trustees of The School according to its policies and procedures. It is understood that the School will ensure recognition of the Donor(s) is consistent with school standards for donor recognition and fits with the esthetics and architecture of the space."


    I don't know if that will help you - do you have access to the paperwork from the original gifts that prompted the plaques? That is where I would look first to find out if there is already something in writing regarding this for these gifts. I hope this helps! -Carol


    Carol Nash (she/her)

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