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The VSE - The Long & Short of It!

  • 1.  The VSE - The Long & Short of It!

    Posted 11 days ago
    Or, rather, the long, medium, and short versions.

    As I shared yesterday, for years, the VSE has been available in multiple versions.

    This all goes back to the early 1990s - when the VSE was submitted on 5.25-inch floppy disks, I owned a record player and was the first on my block to get a bag phone!

    Back then, we recognized that as the number of questions increased (at the request of members!), participation decreased.  However, as I mentioned yesterday, the required elements for the CASE awards remained fairly static.

    So, a minimal version was born, and participation grew.  That version is quite simple, does not change much, and is what's necessary to make you eligible for CASE fundraising awards.

    But, there are also "partial" and "full" options.  CASE would very much prefer you participate in those - as the more data collected, the more you can compare with others.

    Yes, the full version has gotten rather long.  But that's because members have requested more data gathering.  Think of it as earmarks in a House bill.  The guts of the bill are still there.  But to please and appease constituents, more voluntary measures are added.

    So, with that as background, I have attached two PDFs (click on the link at the top of this email to access the FundSvcs download site).  One reflects the minimal version requirements.  The other has both the partial and full.

    In full/partial PDF, you will see that the partial version for section 3a requires only row 1 (unrestricted) and row 9a (unrestricted).  Rows 2-8 gray out for the partial.

    We really do want lots of participation in the VSE - it makes the CASE awards so much more valuable and accurate.

    If you want to try the minimal version, you must request that be turned on.  Send your request to, and they will get back to you.

    If, however, you want to switch from full to partial, you can do that yourself when you log in.  And do note that there are some optional sections, too.

    I am happy to answer any basic questions.  But feel free to reach out to CASE if anything I've said does not make sense!


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