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  • 1.  Updated IRS Publications

    Posted 20 days ago
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    As most of you know, I try to keep an eye open for changes to key IRS forms and publications. In addition, twice a year (July and January), I go to the IRS website and compare what's available there to what I have previously downloaded.

    The attached PDF reflects a list of key tax instructions for our work.  I have highlighted four publications that are "updates" compared to when I checked in January.  I use quotation marks around the word updates only because I do not believe anything substantial has changed.  The previous versions had also been updated in December 2021 or January 2022.  However, these four had slightly newer revision dates.  Perhaps the IRS caught a few typos.

    Anyway, here's the list and the most recent revision dates.  If your copies reflect older revision dates, you might want to grab a newer copy:


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